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Stuff I need to work through this weekend

I am tired of painting the outside of my house. I am on the last side requiring scaffolding though I just need to suck it up and finish.

Todo for last side:

  1. Put vent in for bathroom fans that are clearly vented to the underside of the insulation
  2. Replace fascia boards
  3. Fix  hole left by squirrels in gable vent
  4. Caulk nail heads and windows
  5. and… paint

WordPress: I am now done with plug-in code need to fancy up the plug-in’s design and add an admin interface to keep users from having to hand code anything

How to be a better designer: it says I can get better… so lets see

I can’t seem to stop listening to these songs:

Black and Blue WordPress Theme


Black and Blue Preview



I offered to make a background twitter theme for free… odd thing is I expect no one took me up on it since the theme I am using on this website is aweful and is a product of just me playing. I decided to start putting some serious time into a great…no I mean awesome theme. I would really like some feed back on what you like or don’t like so far. This is about 2 hours of me playing with colors and such.

Updated: 2 hours later and got a little more. Click on images to see full size image. It’s 2:30 in the morning I believe I am going to go to bed.




I did a search for some Photoshop “stuff” and stumbled on some brushes. I love the anime eyes. I was just throwing them on a new Photoshop file and it started looking good. I think “Abstract” would be the style. Anyway since I am not very imaginative I think I will call it “Brushes”

Theme Beds for Kids

I have always been quite the dreamer when it comes to building things. Most often it comes down to having the time for it. I even think I would be a decent interior designer but that is quite a different topic altogether. I originally wanted to be an architect and design churches (long before I started going to them). I wanted to make a cool loft type bed for Luke and one for Alex too. Something that can carry over from one bedroom to the other, takes no floor space, has a way for to be transformed to teenage beds later, and a way to make it their new play room. Tall order for 2 rooms that are about 12×14 each. I am thinking of something like a cable bridge or castle. So the next step…seeing what has been done already. Google time! Here is some sites I found that are interesting/inspiring. BTW I am going to create this list while surfing so it may seem odd

Castlebed for Niece

Castlebed for Niece it appears their claim to fame is making some beds for Extreme Makeover but these are ugly and amazingly expensive…if this is standard price of these types of beds I am going into the theme bed business. I made a caste bed for my niece (see picture on left) and it cost less then $100 even at today’s cost. This place wants $3,545.70 for theirs. I think I could spend another $500 to $1000 on someone doing a cool mural and still come out ahead. This bed($1428) is probably MDF with a sticker. I should move on…this is more of a rant. these beds are much nicer and are pretty reasonable when it comes to price. if you have to ask they are probably to much. These beds really look good though. I don’t think I would even call considering they don’t list any prices. this is where I got the idea for my nieces bed. I believe this tree house bed can be altered to make a cool bed. one of the best sites that I have seen…they even will sel the plans so you can do it. Great place for getting ideas from.

Totally off topic but somewhat related: Playhouses very awesome(expensive) playhouses and pretty nice beds although I can’t seem to find them anymore. I have been to this site more than once. these are really nice playhouses these playhouses really take some true craftsmanship…it is real hard to make crooked things join up. I am sure these are expensive but if I had the money to blow I would get one of these.

After all this I still haven’t seen anything I am thrilled with but I have seen some great ideas for building a playhouse outside and at the cost of the theme beds I will be building this myself and maybe going into business building them as well.

Update (6/22/2009):

After all this over-thinking, I asked Luke what he wanted. Out of all the castles, bulldozers,  ships  and other cool beds. He wants one that looks like Thomas the Train. I could buy one but what’s the fun in that. Now to get to the drawing board.

your life your blog

Mountain Dew: Voltage

Seems like I have a going theme with Mtn Dew. Check out some pics of Mtn Dew on Ice. I was playing with cameras macro mode. and took some close-ups of my drink. Then I went to PhotoShop and played around a little bit with some filters and the levels. Click on the pics to see a larger version. I didn’t photoshop the first pic but the flash went off so it really wasn’t worth the effort.

Mtn Dew Voltage

Mtn Dew Voltage

Voltage Take 1

Voltage Take 1

Voltage Take 2

Voltage Take 2

Crossfit Fran

It has been a while since I have done a crossfit workout…that’s the bad thing. The good thing…I am doing it again! Today I did a modified Fran. Why you may ask did I do a modified Fran? From experience I can say that most Crossfit workouts will leave you incapacitated in some fashion. The very first time I did one I was working out pretty regularly and thought I was in decent shape. To make a long story short…I could barely walk for a week. Instead of 21-15-9 sets, I did 15-9-6 sets. Thusters were done as prescribed. Pull ups with 80 pound assist (should have done 60 since I powered through all of them with no breaks).  I am down ~25lbs from my heavist weight of 277 and am pushing to be down another 60.

Had to much Mountain Dew

Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild

Had to much MtDew

Had to much MtDew

I had a lot of Diet Mountain Dew today and it shows. I broke out my camera today at lunch and decided to have my own little photo shoot and being the lazy guy I am…I never left my seat. I have been envious of all the geared up cameras and the amazing shots I see continuously and of course I have to attempt to do that also. Thankfully I have some skills in Photoshop and can take a ehh shot and make it look halfway decent. So here is some of the ‘decent’ shots of my office after I took a bunch of ehh shots (and I do mean ehhhhhhhh).  Most all of the shots were way to dark but by using the fancy “Levels” Photoshop feature I was able to make most of them look well lit.

I wasn’t quite happy with this post so I also included some shots of the kids playing in traffic. Luke has totally learned how to ride his bike now after first leaning to ride his electric motorcycle.


Kicked Back


A close up of my sneakers


Ikea Light


Close up of Ikea Light


Duh! Ikea Light

This is how Luke rolls

This is how Luke rolls