Crossfit Fran

It has been a while since I have done a crossfit workout…that’s the bad thing. The good thing…I am doing it again! Today I did a modified Fran. Why you may ask did I do a modified Fran? From experience I can say that most Crossfit workouts will leave you incapacitated in some fashion. The very first time I did one I was working out pretty regularly and thought I was in decent shape. To make a long story short…I could barely walk for a week. Instead of 21-15-9 sets, I did 15-9-6 sets. Thusters were done as prescribed. Pull ups with 80 pound assist (should have done 60 since I powered through all of them with no breaks).  I am down ~25lbs from my heavist weight of 277 and am pushing to be down another 60.

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