Had to much Mountain Dew

Born to be Wild
Born to be Wild
Had to much MtDew
Had to much MtDew

I had a lot of Diet Mountain Dew today and it shows. I broke out my camera today at lunch and decided to have my own little photo shoot and being the lazy guy I am…I never left my seat. I have been envious of all the geared up cameras and the amazing shots I see continuously and of course I have to attempt to do that also. Thankfully I have some skills in Photoshop and can take a ehh shot and make it look halfway decent. So here is some of the ‘decent’ shots of my office after I took a bunch of ehh shots (and I do mean ehhhhhhhh).  Most all of the shots were way to dark but by using the fancy “Levels” Photoshop feature I was able to make most of them look well lit.

I wasn’t quite happy with this post so I also included some shots of the kids playing in traffic. Luke has totally learned how to ride his bike now after first leaning to ride his electric motorcycle.

Kicked Back
A close up of my sneakers
Ikea Light
Close up of Ikea Light
Duh! Ikea Light
This is how Luke rolls
This is how Luke rolls

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