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It’s lunch time at work so I am going to try to fit this post in. Since my boss at work(@knightopia) has introduced me to Twitter I have been addicted. I didn’t know what it was about so I followed local people in Fort Mill and Tega Cay. This led me to following @Momspective. She is pretty darn funny and one thing leads to another and somehow I am following all sorts of mommies. Well I have to fight an inner struggle with the fact that this group of moms is who I chat with the most. I mean really how masculine is that. I think maybe I should do less laundry and vacuuming. The going topic is the new EA Active and they have a website too. Check it out at I told my wife about all the coupon cutting our family should be doing and Wii fit stuff. She explained that I could do the grocery shopping now and that she wants EA Active for her birthday. Well I got her the EA Active for her birthday. The shopping hasn’t changed hands but I am definitely thinking about it. Today I am really long winded. I used to hate writing but strangely I am vomiting words (good visual right?) What was I talking about? Oh yeah fitness! I wrote a post “Up the Challenge! Pimp your EA Active!” where I talk about upgrading the bands. Well last night I did my first workout with the new “Medium” band. WOW! I am sore now. I think they really need to include a few different bands for different levels. My legs have been getting a great workout and I am always sweating but my arms never felt like they did anything. When I go to the Y my max bench is 275 lbs but that is because I am fat and I hate to do cardio so I hit the weights. The EA Active is what I needed for cardio and the new bands make it perfect.  If they figured out a way to have the game yell at me when I have a candy bar it would be the perfect trainer. Well lunch is almost over so I need to get back to it. This post just wouldn’t be finished with out giving some link love out to my favorite EA Active motivator… @SuperJennBlogs You know I have been leaving music videos so I got one to motivate your next workout next workout do it

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