Music Monday – Mashup Style

I like all sorts of music but New Order is a group I particularly like…

Music from the Opposite Side of the Tracks

I just can’t help but smile when I listen to this

…I was only going to put 2 videos but…

Falco and Nelly = DeBomb!

Type “Mashup yourFavoriteBandGoesHere” in Google for a little something different

Don’t forget to leave me some Comment love …especially if you find a good Mashup!

Comments (4)

  1. Julie@Momspective

    Ah…Music Monday. Such an easy meme. I’m really expressing myself in mine today.

  2. Leigh

    Kylie Minogue – Haven’t heard her in a long time! Happy MM!

  3. gengen

    Yep expressing some emotions through songs….Happy MM my dear. Mine is up too.

  4. Michelle

    Ha! I heard “Rock Me Amadeus” last night on the radio!! Still a great song;D

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