Music Monday

I didn’t get a chance to see who else used the Bangles this is the first one I thought of though. I couldn’t find a better video so just jump to 30 seconds in.

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  1. Julie@Momspective

    I LOVE this song. Get it stuck in my head at least once a week. Nice pick . 😉

  2. Julie@Momspective

    P.S. Nice linky signage LMAO

  3. amanda

    Perfect for a Monday, love the Bangles used to walk to their stuff!

  4. Carleen

    Wasn’t it The Bangles who also used to “Walk Like an Egyptian?” Great song choice!

  5. Bugert (Post author)

    It sure was…ahhh the 80’s

  6. Jenn @ The Coupon Coup

    DUDE… loved the motorcycle link BTW… DH and I were looking at them for our 3yo when we bought our bike last summer (oh…that would have made him a 2yo then)…cannot wait to put him on one… twelve years old my ass.

  7. Bugert (Post author)

    He learned to ride the motorcycle before his bike…and learned to ride his bike in like 5 minutes (had to work on pedaling)

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