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Well I was going to blog about why spammers would be more successful if they didn’t post comments like “Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue, so thanks for posting” or why a Twitter user named @ghtiyjklksjd would have trouble being followed. Instead though, I am going to tell you what my personal physical fitness goal is.

The goal: to be able to do the CrossFit workout named “Fran” in firefighting gear and on air (I don’t care how many cylinders or minutes it takes either).

My current state of fitness can be explained by two words “Big Boy.” I am actually thinner than I was but I could do much better. Before, I began any working out I weighted in at 275 and my poor size 40’s were saying “excuse me but don’t you think we are a bit small.” It seemed 275 kind of snuck up on me. I just got on the scale and bam that number was looking at me. Something about that number seemed way to close to 300 and then 400 and then next thing you know the piano sized coffin. I don’t eat right and I don’t want to. I now do Crossfit on and off. The first time I did the “Fran” workout I really had trouble walking for a week. Now I can do it in roughly 15 minutes (with assistance on the pull-ups). I am adjusting the EA Active squats to be like Thrusters. I may even start Weight Watchers! Arghhhh! It does work. My wife is down 60 pounds because of it. Bottom line I need to get on the ball.

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  1. I cannot wait to watch you do this!! 🙂

    I am a BIG fan of Weight Watchers… when you follow it and incorporate it into your life it really DOES work. I’m so impressed that your wife has made that much of an impact on her weight loss using it as part of her plan!

    I’m hoping that you being so active with the Active…and setting goals will help Eric get more motivated than he is (which is only…slightly) …no pressure or anything 🙂

  2. To bad @Tricia was skooling him (and me 2, I don’t think I will point that out though)…I bet he felt the relief when she logged off.

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