Up the Challenge! Pimp your EA Active!

The Wii EA Active is great but not quite awesome. I find many of the exercises that use the bands are not as good as they could be. The reason is those bands are just pitiful. Maybe mine were already stretched out before I got them. I really doubt that I would be considered to be in good shape so we can rule that out.  I have slowly been building my home gym up to become a Crossfit Home Gym. Crossfit is a whole different level of pain but like #wiimoms it has an awesome community of people. So now I am totally off topic. Topic On.  I have done 3 workouts and they have made me sweat like crazy but I have only been a tad sore and it’s more from stuff I haven’t done before like the side lunges. Have you been thinking the same thing? If so read on cause I got a way to make it brutal. (Disclaimer: I haven’t a clue about what I am talking about. Maybe you should ask your doctor before you have a heart attack doing something some idiot posted on a blog).

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

First thing’s first those bands have to be upgraded. I went out and found this set of bands that came as a pack of 3. Each has a different resistance. They are a little shorter then the band that came with the EA Active.  I had some web strapping from my personal fire gear for rope rescue but this stuff only cost $1-2 per foot and I used about 4 foot of a 20 foot length I had. You can find something much cheaper then this or consider it an upgrade. I got the webbing from REI. Exhibit A: bands and webbing.

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

I went ahead and since I am doing medium workouts I thought I would pick the medium band which happened to be the blue one. I used the same method to tie the webbing to the bands as the EA Active ones. Exhibit B: on left is original EA Active band and on the right is the medium band. Even the “red” band that came in the set of 3 is harder to work with than the EA Active one. Now go work out (and don’t even think about setting it up on easy).

40 Pound Weight Vest

40 Pound Weight Vest

I figured you were thinking that… switching bands? That’s it? Heck no lets get that heart rate going on all the leg exercises too. Next, we are going to add a weight vest to the workout. For me I chose the 40 lb variety. I had one sitting around when I decided I would train for the CPAT firefighter test that I failed on a major level. For the CPAT the vest is 50lbs and they add an additional 25 lbs to that when you are doing stairs so the 40lb vest is light. In fact, mow the yard with the vest on and now you can tack that on to your extra activity with a higher intensity level.

That’s all I got for now. Maybe if that isn’t brutal enough you can add some ankle weights but I think this should do you for a while.

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  2. Julie@Momspective

    I love your disclaimer. I might have to put that on the Wii Mommies website. I think you have some valid points though, the bands work fine for me but the second set I got stretched out really fast, so adding a weight vest or tougher bands is smart. I don’t know about a 40 pound one, but I’ve heard of people working out while wearing their baby lol.

  3. Bugert (Post author)

    The 40 pound vest…well that was just plain hard to find. The vests weight is adjustable. You can take weights out to make it lighter. I believe you were much stronger when you got the second band. It just couldn’t deal with your massive power.

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