Random Tuesday Thoughts: Hmmm

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  • This is the second time I have done RTT
  • I love Google Analytics because it shows that at least 1 person comes to this site and actually a lot more than I thought would
  • My wife just learned that I have this blog
  • I hate Google Analytics because it shows nobody is viewing my fire training site…where there should be people viewing it (http://training.tcvfd.com has 2 loyal viewers and one is me)
  • I am done with all the candy that I like in the 5.6 pound bag of candy that my wife got
  • Can’t understand why I gained weight this week …approximately 5.6 pounds 😉
  • has finished w/o EAS Active workout number 6
  • suffering from Coke withdrawal symptoms
  • Is addicted to seeing a number near the comments in WP Dashboard
  • Clowns are Evil…that’s just the way it is
  • I love me some Captain Crunch
  • 911 is not the fastest number to dial on a rotary phone
  • I feel old cause I remember when phones had a rotary dials
  • Thinks he should set an example and change the batteries in the smoke detectors 2 times a year like we tell everyone when we do fire education talks.
  • Checked to see if WiiDads.com was available…its not… cyber-squatters have staked their claim
  • I like to end my post with videos although I forget sometimes
  • I like this British public service announcement

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  1. Captain Crunch is gooood. I used to eat it with soft serve ice cream in college. Back when I could eat junk cereal and soft serve ice cream without it making me fat. And tired.

    Sorry about WiiDads.com we have some stalkers that just might have snatched it up. Just jump in the Dads section of the forum and tweet the hell out of it…make it yours 🙂

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