Random Tuesday Thoughts – When I grow up?

I am getting older by the year and well I would think by now I would know exactly what I want to do when I grow up. I’ve been at my job now for 5 years …wow 5 years! I haven’t done anything that long. I have been an engineer, cnc programmer, insurance adjuster, short order cook (that sucked), stock boy, flower delivery boy (which surprisingly was a great job) and now a web developer. The only thing that is constant through all that time is being a firefighter. Maybe that is what I want to do. Nope I know exactly what I want to do watch TV and surf the web. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make money at it. On a totally random aside I have to remember to take a picture tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.

I love Kit Kat bars!

My wife looks like the Tooth Fairy (a very cute one I might add) …our oldest lost his 1st tooth…he used the wii remote to take it out.

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  1. you may be the most ambitious career man ever…. we were just going over what to do when you grow up with our 10yo in the car….

    you’ll understand that if you read my blog post. HA.

    great to see you on random tuesday!!

  2. Ha ha! We have a very forgetful tooth fairy! She has forgotten several times… or she was just too busy to come the first night! I’d like to see some footage of him using the wii remote to pull his tooth!

  3. There was no forgetting this tooth…this was history in the making 1st child 1st tooth…others will be forgotten. He used the wii remote to give it a good push.

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