Wii Fit – Depressing Honesty

I picked up the Wii Fit on Sunday. Well I am going to be honest…I am depressed. That darn thing is brutally honest. At least it didn’t make fun of me…directly that is. I feel I should be on “The Biggest Loser”. I didn’t realize that my scale at the house was 10 pounds off and not in favorable way either. I would post what it said but I dare say I am quite embarrassed by it. I was happy that I at least wasn’t near the max weight for the controller. Even if I don’t use it for anything else it looks like a cool way to track my progress with how I am doing with the EA Active 30 day Challenge. A nice scale (really nice) would cost as much as the Wii Fit does. I am not exactly keen on the fact that you have to unlock exercises since it seems any exercise is good. I am done with the depressing part but for me it is all to obvious how I gained my weight. Check out the video and know I won’t be skipping the workout today!

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