Wordless Wednesday – FF8

FF8 Wear
FF8 Wear
FF8 Shirt
FF8 Shirt

The short story, since this is suposed to be Wordless, I got the Firefighter of the Year in 2008 for Tega Cay. Chief thinks I am a little to cocky for my own good and nicknamed me “FF of year” What kind of nickname is that? A nickname is something you can yell. Something like “Speedy” (my Fort Mill Fire Dept.¬†nickname and yes the Highway Patrol was involved). What I have learned by having a last name like Bugert is if you embrace a nickname and change it a little you can make it what you like. So I had the shirt made and called myself FF8. At the bottom of the shirt it says “If I only had a little humility, I would be perfect” ~Ted Turner. How’s that for cocky?!¬† BTW I am wearing my EA Active Boxing Hulk Gloves. Yeah my wii is Pimped. Tomorrows post will be on my pimping of my EA Active.

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  1. Visiting here through Momspective~ Congrats on your achievement! It think the Hulk gloves coordinate nicely with it.

    Happy WW!

  2. Knew they were Hulk hands, do not know connected to EA ACTIVE. I do the Wii Fit.. have not graduated to the EA yet. Thinking about it….

  3. ….Well truth be know Hulk gloves actually don’t connect to the Wii (although with some modifications they could). That was a slight embellishment on my part. lol

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