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Maybe I lost it but for a while finding a free theme on the WordPress site was impossible. There was a search feature I use to use that I could find a 3 column, fixed width, black theme. It went away (or it was harder for me to find). With the new 2.8 version of WP that search function is easily found cause it exists in the dashboard now. What is even better is if I like what the search results come up with, I can download and activate it right from the dashboard with no need to use FTP.  Now that is DA BOMB! I went through so many themes today that I started to lose track which ones I looked at and fortunately it is just as easy to delete a theme. This will open WP themes up to all those individuals that are FTP challenged.

Time to move on though. According to the WP site, they have changed a good bit. Well most of it is lost on me except for the Code Coloring. I am a coder and use DreamWeaver a majority of the time with PHPed following a close second. I use DreamWeaver when I am going in to make a quick change to some code and the reason I use it is because the code is color coded. The editor in WP is now color coded! No reason to open DreamWeaver now for WP edits.  It also has some limited code completion. Now for most of you this is not something you will even want to see but eventually you will download a theme that you want to tweak. This coloring will make it much easier.

Is there a feature that I missed?  These are the 2 things that I saw that I think make WP upgrade worth doing.

….And now for something completely RANDOM! An influence from my childhood.

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