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Losing It With Melissa

As most of you are aware there are all these weight loss shows now…shows like The Biggest Loser and now Losing It With Jillian. I don’t ever want to be on one of these shows. I seem to cycle between dieting, exercising, or just not caring. Right now I am in the cycle of exercising and surprisingly at the same time…dieting. All in an effort to get ready for a triathlon.

Now there’s a stretch from overweight to triathlon. How in the world did that happen? I can only blame a long time twitter friend @melissaoyler She simply doesn’t ask you to do something she rather tells you where the party is and it is up to you to decide if you are going to be a killjoy or not. Now that is not traditional motivation like at the gym were someone screams for you to get one more rep out. On the contrary you kind of feel like your missing out if you don’t work out or keep up. The bonus is after a workout there always seems to be a beer with friends. First time I met her and her brother we went on The Ride of Silence which was odd since your not suppose to talk. Luckily they wanted to go out to eat afterward so that started a bunch of new friendships. Its like entering a whole new circle of friends that are more fitness oriented. *Alert* Just got a text now swimming, biking, and running the Ballantyne Tri course tomorrow with Melissa and Wendy….Heck I don’t even know who Wendy is…looks like a new friend.

Kevin, Melissa, and Scott

Kevin, Melissa, and Scott @ Ride of Silence

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