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Random Thoughts Tuesday…ahh


  • My oldest boy learned to ride a motorcycle before he could ride his bike. I think learning how to not have to learn how to pedal helped…crazy motorcycle says he should be 12…whatever!
  • What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!
  • I love my Fathers day gift – the 16 Gig iPod Touch…I wish everywhere had WiFi then I wouldn’t be Jonesing for an iPhone
  • Boys should learn how to sew…girls should learn to change a tire
  • I crocheted a scarf for my wife
  • My current max bench is 225
  • Felt I should say what my max bench was after I said I could crochet 😉
  • Climbed to the top of a Ladder 1 (77′) a few hours ago to see what the top of Walmart looked like
  • Should really do my post way before 2:00 am
  • I liked (and still do) Duran Duran when it wasn’t “cool” for guys to like Duran Duran
  • I could put the song “It Takes Two” on repeat for a solid day and never hear it to much and even though I can’t rap love to try to rap with it
  • Spent 30 minutes finding the best music video to show you how good Rob Base and DJ Easy Rocks “It Takes Two” really is.

Music Monday – Old Style

Got back in last night from seeing Terminator Salvation around midnight. We got to the theater late at Arsley and they had a line going out the street so we caught the 10:10 show in Pineville. I don’t know why everyone reviewed it so poorly. While perhaps it is not best Terminator I still enjoyed it. Then at 3:30 AM we had a fire call which turned out to be a non-event but still enough to get the adrenaline going for a few minutes.  All that to say that this selection for Monday may not be in my normal taste but I still like it. I should have wrote this after the call…I was more awake then!

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Hmmm


Visit the UnMom

  • This is the second time I have done RTT
  • I love Google Analytics because it shows that at least 1 person comes to this site and actually a lot more than I thought would
  • My wife just learned that I have this blog
  • I hate Google Analytics because it shows nobody is viewing my fire training site…where there should be people viewing it ( has 2 loyal viewers and one is me)
  • I am done with all the candy that I like in the 5.6 pound bag of candy that my wife got
  • Can’t understand why I gained weight this week …approximately 5.6 pounds 😉
  • has finished w/o EAS Active workout number 6
  • suffering from Coke withdrawal symptoms
  • Is addicted to seeing a number near the comments in WP Dashboard
  • Clowns are Evil…that’s just the way it is
  • I love me some Captain Crunch
  • 911 is not the fastest number to dial on a rotary phone
  • I feel old cause I remember when phones had a rotary dials
  • Thinks he should set an example and change the batteries in the smoke detectors 2 times a year like we tell everyone when we do fire education talks.
  • Checked to see if was available…its not… cyber-squatters have staked their claim
  • I like to end my post with videos although I forget sometimes
  • I like this British public service announcement