Music Monday

Music Monday – Old Style

Got back in last night from seeing Terminator Salvation around midnight. We got to the theater late at Arsley and they had a line going out the street so we caught the 10:10 show in Pineville. I don’t know why everyone reviewed it so poorly. While perhaps it is not best Terminator I still enjoyed it. Then at 3:30 AM we had a fire call which turned out to be a non-event but still enough to get the adrenaline going for a few minutes.  All that to say that this selection for Monday may not be in my normal taste but I still like it. I should have wrote this after the call…I was more awake then!

Music Monday – Mashup Style

I like all sorts of music but New Order is a group I particularly like…

Music from the Opposite Side of the Tracks

I just can’t help but smile when I listen to this

…I was only going to put 2 videos but…

Falco and Nelly = DeBomb!

Type “Mashup yourFavoriteBandGoesHere” in Google for a little something different

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